Amazon Outlet Can Reduce Overstock

Sell Excess Inventory in Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet Sellers who are FBA and who have excess inventory in Amazon warehouses can help get those products out the door using the Amazon Outlet program. Featuring your excess inventory in Outlet can optimize inventory levels, reduce storage fees, and boost your sales. Amazon Outlet offers special deals on overstock items using 2 potential offers:
  • Outlet Deals – Promotional offers that are selected by Amazon and featured for a fixed time, usually 2 weeks.
  • Outlet Sales – Price reductions based on customer demand and product rating.
The Manage Excess Inventory page in your account will show which of your eligible products are recommended for Outlet. You’ll also see whether it is Outlet deal or Outlet store eligible, and you can choose to submit products to the program. If a deal is approved by Amazon, the price of the item will drop to the deal price and be shown in Outlet. When the deal ends, the price will automatically return to the pre-promotion price. To participate in Outlet, you must be a Professional seller with an overall 3.5-star or higher rating. There are no additional fees to use Outlet. If you need help with your Amazon account, we can help. For more information on our Amazon services, click here.

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