New Amazon Sponsored Display in AMS, Seller Central

Sponsored Display Ads Show Off of Amazon

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display is a cost per click (CPC)  display advertising solution in Seller Central and AMS where you can access campaigns and targeting options.

Display campaigns offer the ability to reach potential customers who are browsing Amazon and other sites across the Internet. Using auto-generated creatives, these ads have a similar look and feel to Amazon, which may improve trust among those browsing off of the Amazon marketplace. Once clicked, a user is redirected to you product detail page.

Amazon Sponsored Display ads run on both desktop and mobile sites, and can be targeted to product listing and other Amazon pages, as well as non-Amazon sites.

Sponsored Display is currently a beta version available for professional sellers with Brand Registry using AMS and Seller Central. Campaigns use automation and machine learning to reach maximum optimization, and bids are automatically adjusted based on the chance of conversion.

These Display ads feature a “Shop Now” button that links back to an Amazon product detail page. They are ideal for both small and large businesses to improve brand awareness and overall conversions or sales.

For those previously running Product Display ads, the campaigns will continue to run. Any new campaigns will be created as Sponsored Display.

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