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Updated 2/24/2020

As of September 2019, Enhanced Brand Content was combined with Vendor Central’s A+ Content, and both are now known as A+ Content. It is available to vendors as well as sellers with Brand Registry.

In the Amazon Marketplace, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from other vendors and sellers. Features like Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ Content offer sellers and vendors, respectively, the opportunity to stand out from competitors with rich media like videos and interactive content.

By utilizing EBC or A+ Content, you can showcase additional product details, share company history, and include visual content in order to improve trust and conversion rates.

If you’re searching for brands that make the best use of this premium content, we’re here to show you 8 examples of companies that excel with their use of EBC/A+ Content.

In choosing examples of top-notch EBC, we considered imagery, the experience on desktop and mobile, as well as content optimization (although Amazon does not index EBC or A+ Content, Google does, and optimization is crucial for Google rankings). Based on that criteria, here are 8 companies with EBC/A+ Content pages that excel on one or more levels.

Viva Naturals – A+ Content

Viva Naturals - Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content

Using extraordinary imagery and an effective color palette, Viva Naturals’ A+ Content packs a powerful punch. The content for its organic virgin coconut oil is simple and set in a compact design, making it translate beautifully on mobile devices as well.

Darn Tough – EBC

Darn Tough - Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content

Darn Tough immediately establishes itself as a knowledgeable leader in the area of hiking socks with keyword-rich EBC. The company clearly knows its customer, and uses optimized content that speaks directly to hikers in a way that creates a connection and builds credibility.

Six Star – A+ Content

Six Star - Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content

An active lifestyle brand, Six Star Whey Protein uses powerful imagery and easy-to-identify professional athletes in its A+ Content. The eye-catching photography is the star of this content, and it includes several interactive features that allow the user to read more about the product and how to use it.

Safavieh – A+ Content

Safavieh - Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content

Safavieh makes excellent use of unique illustrations to convey the size of its area rugs in its A+ Content. These graphics translate well on mobile, offering the opportunity for a user to move around their space to compare areas and choose the right sized rug. The graphics offer potential configurations for a customer to consider.


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Zinus – A+ Content

Zinus - A+ Content

Zinus is a mail-order mattress company that takes great advantage of A+ Content with a distinctive color palate. A number of hover features allow the user to dig deeper into the brand, with explanations of mattress material, and an interactive comparison chart of the brand’s products.

Wholesome Pride – EBC

Wholesome Pride - Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content

Wholesome Pride stands out in the saturated pet industry with a distinctive color palate and simplistic layout. This Enhanced Brand Content uses limited, but optimized content to connect with consumers. The EBC conveys a great brand feel and connects to its pet-loving audience with a comfortable and down-home experience on both desktop and mobile.

GreenWorks – A+ Content

GreenWorks - A+ Content

Greenworks’ A+ Content is bold and bright, and features excellent imagery. The company makes great use of eye-catching large, cutout images of products. This offers fantastic interactivity throughout, allowing the user to click and slide through products and different features according to their own needs.

Fossil Blu – EBC

Fossil Blu - Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content

Fossil Blu aims to reach its high-end farmhouse sink customers with simple images that showcase the elegance and durability of the product. Short bursts of text provide optimized descriptions with specific details to compel a user to purchase the product.


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