Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Amazon Seller Central Account for the Holidays

Ensure Your Amazon Account is Holiday-Ready

With the holidays right around the corner, we want to help you have your best-selling holiday season ever! So here’s our countdown list of the top 10 ways to make sure your Amazon Seller Central account is ready for shoppers.

10. Resolve Any Quality Alerts

Quality alerts appear on your inventory page as small triangles with exclamation points in the “Status” column. These alerts indicate that your listing is missing one or more recommended elements, including color, size, image, fabric type, etc. Fix these issues by clicking “Edit” on individual products and adding the missing information. You can also click on “Listing Enhancements” at the top of your inventory page to view a list of products with alerts.

9. Check in on Account Health

You must adhere to performance targets and policies in order to sell on Amazon. Evaluate your account’s health before the holiday season to ensure you’re in compliance. Resolve any customer service performance issues and improve any metrics that are in peril.

Amazon Account Health

8. Review Product Pricing

Keep track of any promotions, coupons, or sales that you’re offering, and review products to ensure that specials are not overlapping. You likely don’t want to offer a sale price on a particular product, and then also have a promotion or coupon code available for it as well.

7. Store Information & Policies

Be sure to have your business information filled out completely. This includes your business profile, shipping, tax info, FAQs, and more. This information is important not only to Amazon, but to customers who want a legitimate company from which to purchase products.

Amazon Store Info6. Check Product Content

Review your product content for accuracy and imagery. You’ll want to confirm that titles and descriptions match the intended products and that no content is jumbled. Images are also key. Confirm that your images are Amazon compliant, and try to use as many as you’re allowed. Upload product videos if applicable.

5. Shipping guidelines and schedule

Double check shipping rules and schedules for the holidays. There are lots of packages out there during the holiday season; make sure your products can be shipped with plenty of time for customers to receive them.

4. Set up Promotions

There are several promotions available on Amazon – including discounts, free shipping, and buy one, get one – to incentivize customers to purchase your products. The holidays are a busy time and important things can slip through the cracks. Set up your promotions early, so Amazon has time to review and approve them. Don’t get caught in the log jam!

Amazon Promotions

3. Check on Stranded Inventory

Resolve any stranded inventory issues before the holiday season rush. Reasons for stranded inventory include expired product, deleted listing, listing errors, and missing information like price or SKU. Stranded inventory is not available for sale on Amazon.

2. Review Ad Budgets

You’ll want to check and make sure your ads are set up with sufficient daily budgets. Budgets are spent as quickly as possible, so if your budget is too small, it may be completely spent in a short time, thus missing potential buyers later in the day.

1. Make Sure Stock is Available

You can’t sell what you don’t have, so make sure you have plenty of inventory ready to go. Send product to FBA centers early so that customers can shop your lightning deals and receive shipments quickly.

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