Google Ads Smart Shopping Campaigns Explained

Smart Shopping Campaign

When Google announced Smart Shopping Campaigns as a product offering, business owners were excited… while marketers were skeptical. Google met that skepticism with results!

What makes them smart?

Google has enticed marketers that these campaigns require little to no maintenance and are designed to offer top tier results. Google is using Machine Learning in order to manage these campaigns based on advertisers goals. While still using the traditional signals of device, location, and time, Google has added the Machine Learning as well as looking at customer’s intent,  product seasonality, the price of the products vs the cost of the clicks, and where to display the impression. Hmm. Smart.

Shopping Campaign vs. Smart Shopping Campaigns!

Smart Shopping Campaigns are a great addition to Google’s product offering but it doesn’t replace the traditional Shopping Campaign in all cases. Smart Shopping Campaigns give advertisers and marketers alike  little to no control, as the campaigns are completely automated. This is designed to help any advertiser sell their products in the most efficient way Google’s Machine Learning can, however there are still benefits to running traditional shopping campaigns when the goals are based on data outside of what can be imported into Google Ads. A great but simple example is shipping cost. A smart campaign will try to generate sales with limited reservation but marketers can still choose to have greater scrutiny in traditional campaigns.

Are Smart Shopping Campaigns for me?

If you or your client is an online retailer and is looking to reach consumers ready to buy on the following platforms: Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Images and Google Search then A Smart Shopping campaign might be for you. In order to help online retailers generate more sales, Google is partnering with large ecommerce platforms like Shopify to make campaign creation simple. There are also solutions for smaller ecommerce companies as well, designed to make the barrier of entry much simpler than ever before.

How Do You Create A Smart Shopping Campaign?

Setting up a smart campaign can be completed in a few simple steps.

  1. First things first click the new campaign button.
  2. Next up during your shopping campaign creation select Sales as your goal.

Smart Shopping Goals

When you select the correct merchant center account you’ll be able to choose the smart campaign option.

3. From there name your campaign, give it a budget and modify a couple of other minor settings.

4. Lastly, You’ll need to create an ad with some text and an image. You have a short headline with 25 characters of text, a long headline with 90 characters, a description line with 90 characters, and lastly the image needs to be at least 600 x 314 pixels with a ratio of 1.91:1. This allows the ad to display in various placements on the internet as explained earlier.

Smart Shopping Ad Specs

If you’re unsure whether or not a smart campaign fits into your marketing objectives or current campaign(s) structure fell free to contact us or leave a comment.


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