Google AdWords is Now Google Ads

Google recently announced the launch of Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, as a way to connect businesses and customers across all channels and partner sites, maximizing efficiency.

The new Google Ads brings together its advertising products across all of its networks under the Google Marketing Platform, a unified marketing and analytics platform.

Google Ads will include a number of new and updated features, including Responsive Search Ads, Cross-device Reporting, and new options for Video and YouTube ads. In addition, new campaigns that use machine learning are available under Google Ads.

  • Smart Campaigns are designed for small businesses with automated ads that are created quickly and easily.
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns are for ecommerce businesses and include integrations with Shopify, along with new goals: Driving store visits and new customer acquisition.
  • Local Campaigns strive to drive foot traffic to retail stores using aggregated data from Google users who are signed in and have location history turned on.
  • Hotel Campaigns will group hotels by specific attributes to maximize bookings, ideal for the travel industry.

While some of these Google Ads features are currently available, others will continue to be rolled out in the coming months.


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