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Q&A With Klaviyo Email Marketing

Offers Tech-Savvy Email Marketing Programs

We discovered Klaviyo because they have technology that helps ecommerce brands manage more sophisticated email marketing programs.

What began as a two-person team has grown into a company of more than 50 people specializing in email marketing for ecommerce stores. Founded in 2012 in Massachusetts, Klaviyo works with thousands of businesses worldwide and sends tens of millions of emails daily on behalf of clients.

We caught up with Alison Aldrich, Director of Partner Marketing at Klaviyo, to get a better understanding of what the company does and how it all works.

Alison Aldrich
Alison Aldrich

What does Klaviyo do better than other email marketing companies?

Klaviyo helps ecommerce companies grow quickly by using their data to power better marketing. What distinguishes Klaviyo from other email marketing providers is that we pull in MORE data. We pull in all the data an ecommerce store needs to send more targeted, personalized marketing. And that leads to more sales.

Through our robust integrations, we take data from your ecommerce platform, website, marketing tools, help desk software, and more and allow you to use it to segment and automate your marketing. And, we make it easy. Not 6-months-of-development easy. Not only-if-you-want-to-do-the-basics easy. Just easy.

How is your software unique?

Klaviyo was built specifically for ecommerce, so we integrate seamlessly with the leading ecommerce platforms and ingest more data than most other email platforms out there. We have an open API, allowing for you to send data from custom platforms and other marketing apps that don’t have pre-built integrations.

We offer deep reporting, report on what matters most (revenue) and put it front and center. You can immediately see which emails are doing best from a revenue-per-recipient standpoint and you can dig all the way down to the individual recipient level to see who’s opening, clicking and buying.

Our pricing is transparent and month-to-month. All plans include all features, so there’s no need to worry about getting nickeled-and-dimed as you get more sophisticated with your marketing.

Klaviyo is easy. With Klaviyo, you can get up and running without a team of developers, you can create beautiful, targeted emails without a team of designers, and you can get great reporting and analytics without a team of analysts. We make it easy to run data-driven marketing that gets you better results.

Klaviyo staff
An average Friday afternoon hanging out in the kitchen at Klaviyo.

What are some functions people don’t initially know about Klaviyo, but that you want them to?

Many of our customers don’t know how they can use Facebook ads in conjunction with email. Klaviyo integrates with Facebook Advertising, allowing you to use the lists and segments that you create in Klaviyo for Facebook Custom Audiences. This can be pretty powerful, allowing you to target people that haven’t responded to your winback emails, or new subscribers that haven’t used the coupon you sent when they signed up for your email list.

In addition, you can use a Lookalike audience to go after people that resemble your best customers. Because your segments are dynamic, you don’t have to worry about manually uploading new lists, or hitting someone with an outdated message. You can also use Facebook lead ads to grow your Klaviyo lists.

Customers on Shopify, Shopify Plus or Magento have the ability to dynamically generate unique coupon codes in emails. These one-time use codes can be really beneficial in allowing discounting and promotions without the worry that it will be abused.

Lastly, less of a feature, but more of something we’d like to see more customers doing is segmenting flows (automated emails) by whether or not someone is already a customer. An abandoned cart email, for example, might look different as far as copy, discount, etc. for someone who’s a repeat purchaser vs. someone who’s never bought from you before.

When it comes to customer support, what makes you stand out above others? How do you help your customers be successful?

We have fantastic customer success teams dedicated to helping our customers get more out of their marketing. Our support site offers how-to videos and comprehensive articles covering both the Klaviyo product and best practices. Our account management team works with our larger customers to provide 1:1 proactive support through regular phone calls and emails. Our support team is comprised of technical product experts who help customers both big and small get the most out of Klaviyo. Customer success does not cost extra at Klaviyo – our focus is to provide exemplary support and help our ecommerce customers create successful businesses.

Who are some of your top-performing clients? What specific aspect of Klaviyo’s software makes those particular clients such a good match?

Chubbies, Taylor Stitch, Untuckit, Brooklinen, The Elephant Pants, Beardbrand, the list goes on. These companies are all a great fit for Klaviyo because they’re ecommerce brands that are looking to grow fast. And Klaviyo is helping them do that.

Read the background and results from two of Klaviyo’s greatest success stories, Nomad and Top Streetwear.


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