New Thumball Product Video for Trainers Warehouse

Trainers Warehouse offers a variety of innovative and fun products to help trainers and educators in the classroom, in the workplace, and in other group settings. One of their flagship products is the Thumball, a hand-sized soccer ball that facilitates discussion among small groups. We worked with Trainers Warehouse to create a series of videos to highlight how Thumballs can facilitate intimate discussion.

“We were really thankful for the opportunity to produce video for this great ecommerce company,” said Andrew Arenson, Owner of Vertical Rail. “As we researched the product, the concept for the video came alive. It turned into a very fun and fulfilling project, and the client loved the finished product.”

The Thumball has 32-panels, each with pre-printed phrases, questions, or words designed to spark meaningful discussion in the group. The ball is designed to be passed from person to person in a small group, and whenever a new person catches the ball, he or she reads the panel beneath his or her thumb and responds for the group to hear and discuss.

Each Thumball from Trainers Warehouse is focused on a theme. They offer Thumballs on diversity, leadership, team dynamics, and even a create-your-own, among others. The Thumballs can be used in a variety of situations and styles only limited by your imagination.

In the video below, see how a Thumball brought colleagues closer together and revealed personal details of one team member in particular.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the Thumball product and the video. Watch more product videos in our video portfolio.


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