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Changes to Google Ads to Affect Advertisers

Significant Changes Include Expanded Text Ads

At Google Performance Summit on Monday, Google announced significant changes expected to hit Ads over the course of 2016.

Of all the major announcements, these are the 4 changes to Ads most likely to affect advertisers:

Text ads will be expanded, allowing for increased character counts across all devices.

As most paid search marketers should know, text ads are currently composed of one 25-character headline, two 35-character description lines, and a manually entered display URL.

Text ads will soon be composed of two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line, and a display URL automatically extracted from your final URL.

This change comes in response to the removal of right hand text ads, as well as the need to provide more information about a link to mobile users.

You will now be able to adjust bids for desktop and tablet.

Instead of only being able to set a bid adjustment for mobile devices, you will now be setting a baseline bid for mobile and adjusting bids for desktop and tablets. Adjustment range will also be expanded to range from -100% to +900%.

This new bidding option will allow advertisers to more effectively optimize and streamline their campaigns.

You will be able to create responsive display ads that dynamically resize and adjust to the look and feel of the content, much like native ads.

These new display ads will allow advertisers to target a wider array of placements on the Google Display Network (GDN).

Google is also expanding the reach of GDN remarketing campaigns by enabling access to cross-exchange inventory.

Local search ads will now display across and Google Maps, including the introduction of “Promoted Pins”.

Local search ads for desktop users will display within the search results list and on the map. Ad locations will appear on the map with a purple icon, as well as your business name. If someone clicks on your purple icon, an ad will expand to show details about your business, including the option to get directions.

Local search ads will display slightly differently on mobile, being eligible to list as one of the search results below the map. The purple icon will still remain. The ad may also feature a Call button, as well as the option to get directions.


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