‘Twas the Day Before Friday


‘Twas the day before Friday and all through the place

Every person was scurrying, as if in a race.

The clients were absent and without care

And us all knowing their Babka safely arrived there.


The team was all nestled snug at their desks

While visions of days off danced in their heads.

With Liz with her feet up and Kasey gone off to play,

We determined this wasn’t just another day.


When in the main room there arose such loud booming laughter

I sprang from my desk to see what’s the matter.

Away to the room I shuffled quite stead,

Stood in the door and uttered “Ok… what’s been said?”


Their faces all changed. The room was so cold.

A voice in the back – “It’s the day before Friday… or so I’ve been told”

When all of a sudden what did appear?

Rugelach, cupcakes, Babka and more – Great. More holiday cheer!


With a shift of my hips, I plopped on the bag

Eager to hear, ready for cheer. Lot’s of food I did snag.

Tell me good things, get George on the call.

What’s this good news – Please identify all.


“Now OWB! Now, Take Ten, now Greens Cakes and 540 Brands!

On Bresco, on BATA. On AC, Monkeys and more!”

“We’re going to the bigs,” said Drew,

“I’m going to need you to clean up this floor.”


“Move all the desks, clean up that clutter.

Take less meetings.” The team started to flutter.

When what did I see, glowing bright on a screen so near

It’s out new tool – Check out Engine Conductor (shameless plug here)


Aaron sat so stoic and calm

‘It’s not ready yet… there’s more to be done”

Scribbled he did on a white board in view

As he explained to Justin just what to do.


“Colors don’t matter, they don’t hurt my eyes

More coding, more testing

Do you like the UI?

That’s up to George, I’m not the design guy”


The day wound down – the end was in sight

Melissa had already bid everyone good night.

Andi slipped out the door, with Spike close behind

Headed for home – with no projects still in mind.


“I’m out,” exclaimed Lynette, “I’m locking the door”

“Have a good night – we’re here for a while more”

And as I sat in my office working, a voice in the distance echoed quite clear…

Merry Christmas? Merry Christmas… I’m here at 6:45 on the eve of this holiday trying to get YOU PEOPLE to get our alarm working because we don’t want to have the alarm off for the whole weekend… yes. Arenson… A.R.E.N.S.O.N. I’ll hold, but could you get it done this year?


Happy Holidays!


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