How Facebook Slideshow Ads Will Benefit Businesses


An engaging new advertising format has been introduced by Facebook – and it has the potential to connect with millions more people around the world. “Slideshow” – a five- to 15-second ad created with a series of three to seven still images – allows businesses to reach people regardless of Internet speed or device.

The new Facebook Slideshow ad format will open up possibilities to companies wanting to engage with the upcoming generation of new online users. Some areas around the globe, including parts of Asia and Africa, have unreliable Internet coverage and residents who don’t typically use modern smartphones – but who still want the video experience.

Slideshow is a great option to target potential customers in these emerging 2G and 3G markets, which make up approximately 85 percent of the world’s population. Its lightweight format uses video-like motion and can be 5x smaller than a video of the same length, and though sound is not currently available, it may be in the near future.

Why Invest in Slideshow?

Slideshow will also be beneficial to small businesses that may not have the funding or experience needed to create video advertisements. Instead of taking and editing video, which is both expensive and time-consuming, advertisers easily weave together three to seven photos, add text and that’s all there is to it. The final product is then merged into a five to 15-second ad.

Using Slideshow advertising can help companies build brands in areas of the world that are just coming online and reach the next generation of customers who’ve yet to experience online business – building brand recognition and loyalty. Companies also have the potential to reach areas where there is little competition and limited access to various American products that people around the world want to purchase.

Aside from Coca-Cola – which created a Slideshow ad that doubled the company’s reach and increased ad awareness by 10 percent — and Netflix, which has also successfully tested it, Slideshow is ideal for beauty and cosmetic companies showing step-by-step application. Children’s nutritional products – which can be difficult to find in many areas of the world – are also a great fit for Slideshow, as are American clothing and accessory companies.

Although not technically a video, Slideshow is different from Facebook’s current Carousel Ads in that the images automatically advance, creating a storyline, eye-catching motion and the sense of animation. Additional advantages include the ability to use up to seven images – more than Carousel Ads – and the cost per view – less than traditional video ads.

Want to learn more about Facebook’s new Slideshow ad format or want to see how it can work for you? Contact us and we’ll get you started.


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