The Google Buy Button – A New Mobile Marketplace

Google announced the arrival of their latest paid search endeavor to compete with Amazon and eBay, the Buy Button. At this time, the Buy Button is confirmed to be for mobile search only. This latest update from Google is concerning to many businesses and consumers alike due to it changing the nature of what Google offers.  Google is a search engine that has many great additional services, such as maps or AdWords. However, the Google Buy Button will function as a marketplace.

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What we have gathered about the functionality of the upcoming Buy Button: At the top of a Google mobile search page there will be a section for the paid advertisers to show up with the new Buy Button. When clicked the Buy Button will direct shoppers to a Google landing page where they can see product details, colors, and other variations. Shoppers will enter contact and payment information, Google will collect the payment, and then retailers will process and ship the orders. At this time it is said that if shoppers opt in Google will share contact information with retailers, unlike Amazon. Payment information will be kept on file with Google only for convenient future purchases.

Although it is said that Macy’s and other retailers are working with Google to be a part of the new Google marketplace, the details of the marketplace pricing or onboarding process are unclear. This is leaving the Buy Button to be a mystery to both shoppers and retailers. It also brings up questions with current Google Shopping retailers. Will the Buy Button Google marketplace affect the Google Shopping mobile product listing ads’ visibility? Will it replace mobile product listing ads to show only the Buy Button listings? The speculation is the there is not enough real estate on mobile search pages for texts ads and that this will allow a seamless buying process backed by a Google guarantee. This may also allow retailers to increase mobile conversion rates. More and more shoppers are searching mobile but many industries struggle to convert at the same percentage as non-mobile conversion rates.

Google is doing all it can to appease both shoppers and retailers with their new Buy Button. It is interesting that most are avoiding calling the Google Buy Button a marketplace. A marketplace is an eCommerce site where product information is provided by multiple parties and the transaction occurs on the marketplace’s website. Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine in which retailers submit a product feed, they are charged a cost per click, and shoppers are directed to a retailers’ website to complete the purchase.

Check back for the latest updates on the Google Buy Button.


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    It is interesting to learn about the new google buy button. This is so revolutionary for businesses. Not only is it easier for customers to buy stuff off of google, but it also helps generate more effective data.

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      Thank you for your comment Paige. It will be interesting to see the effects this will have especially for businesses that struggle to convert as well with mobile traffic.

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