Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Management: helps shoppers to research and purchase items online in 25 different categories, including clothing, cell phones, and furniture. According to their website, PriceGrabber connects millions of products from 12,880 merchants with over 26 million unique shoppers on a monthly basis.  Pricegrabber operates on a category-level cost-per-click (CPC) bidding structure.

PriceGrabber has a number of unique features that improve the consumer’s online shopping experience, including the ability to:

  • Sort products by popularity, price, rating, manufacturer, or store.
  • Read and write seller and product ratings and reviews and join online discussions.
  • Set price alerts and compare bottom line prices.
  • ShopGreen to find environmentally friendly products.
  • Use free price-scanning apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android that allow shoppers to scan bar codes while shopping and instantly compare prices and read reviews.

Vertical Rail offers onboarding and management for Pricegrabber.  Our goal is to enhance your visibility, performance, and get the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Our comparison shopping engine management programs include:

  • Creation of Pricegrabber account in client’s name (to retain ownership of account).
  • Product data feed formatting and set up per the specifications of Pricegrabber.
  • Optimization of your feed to improve search relevance.
  • Strategically managing your inventory and bids to maximize profits.
    • Pricegrabber merchants pay a base CPC rate, which ranges from $0.25 to $1.05, depending on the category. Sellers also have the option to add their company logo to the listing for an extra $0.10 per click.
    • Reporting and review of metrics key to your Pricegrabber success. allows you to expose your products to new audiences, compete on a vast network, and generate profits. Our team is here to onboard, optimize, and manage bids.  Diversify your marketing strategy with  Call us and let’s get started today.


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