Increase Results with Video in eCommerce Marketing

By utilizing video as a marketing tool you can harness its search power and attract more consumers to your products. There are 4 billion YouTube views every day and 1 billion people consuming content video online. Below are four areas you can increase eCommerce marketing results with video.

  • Social Media – Consumers are more likely to engage with branded content on social media that contains images and video. Not only do they engage, 92% of viewers are likely to share video content with others, allowing your video more exposure with new and expanding audiences.
  • Email – Enhance email content and statistics by including video according to Video Brewery, “An introductory company email that includes a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%”.
  • Product Purchasing – Getting product videos uploaded and visible can be vital to an eCommerce retailer, as 90% of users say seeing a video about a product assists them in their decision making. According to Internet Retailer in 2009 saw a 44% increase in conversions after adding product videos.
  • Organic Search Results – According to Forester you are 53 times more like to rank if you have video content than plain text content. With the added benefit of increasing the click through rate by 41% on SERPs with video snippets then without once you are on top of the search results.

Increase Results With Video Marketing

There are many different services and techniques for producing and hosting video content but the statistics are clear, online video content is valuable in increasing engagement and eCommerce sales. For tips on embedding videos click here.


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