Bing Product Ads Increasing Visibility & Opportunity

In Bing your products can be visible up to 8 times in a Bing Product Ads search result but only if you have created the ad space for these products to appear in. When you set up a PLA campaign you automatically create one ad per ad group. It is advised by Bing to create more ads per ad group if you would like more than one product in the ad group to show in the PLA results at a time. This is a major difference between Bing and Google Shopping PLA’s. In Google if you do a general search then all related items will show in the shopping SERP’s based on bid and optimization. However, in Bing you must create up to 8 ads per ad group to allow more than one item per ad group to show in any given search.

Bing PLA Search Results

As you can see in the Bing Product Ads numbered above several companies have at least 3 ads created per ad group and therefore they have multiple listing visible. If you only have the automatic first ad then you can have just 1 product visible. The more ads you create the more opportunities your products have.

To check and create these ads in Bing go to a PLA campaign and view the ad groups associated with the campaign. For this ad group there is only one ad currently listed. To add more select the Ads tab and click the Create Ad button.

Bing PLA Create Ad Page

Then change the Ad type to be Product ad.

Bing PLA Create Ad Page View

Fill in the Promotional text. The promotional text does need to vary in each ad, but it can be very similar. Save and create the next.

There is no need to create more than 8 ads as there are only up to 8 opportunities for your product ads to show. By adding the additional ads you give more than one product the opportunity to be visible in a Bind PLA search result. This will maximize your visibility, opportunity for clicks, and thus conversions.


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