Google Merchant Center Announces Changes to Carrier Calculated Shipping Requirements

Google Merchant Center recently announced changes to carrier calculated shipping requirements that will be implemented on April 6th, 2015. All Google merchants using the carrier calculated shipping method must add product dimensions in order for shipping prices to be calculated correctly in Google Shopping. The new required product dimension attributes are shipping weight, shipping height, and shipping length.

Google Merchant Center Shipping Attributes

For most merchants, these attributes can be added to individual products in your content management system or added by item ID to your feed after it is exported from your store. Merchants using carrier calculated shipping may already have these attributes entered – in that case, adding shipping dimension attributes before exporting the feed is all that is necessary. This should be easy to add in most content management systems, but be sure to contact your specific customer support for further clarification.

Another option for merchants is to change carrier calculated shipping in the Google Merchant Center to single rate, rate table, or rules based shipping. This may not be the most profitable choice for all businesses.

Check out Google Merchant Center’s Tax & Shipping Guide for more information on the required product dimension shipping attributes, or contact us at Vertical Rail for help setting up your Google data feed correctly.


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