The Launch of Facebook Product Ads

As a marketer passionate about mobile advertising and fascinated by the evolution of shopping applications, my interest was significantly peaked this morning when I learned that Facebook announced the launch of a new service for advertisers. Starting today, eCommerce marketers can now upload their product catalog and create campaigns advertising certain products to specific audiences.

Facebook’s new product ads can be shown in single or multi-product ad units, and can be customized for use throughout the customer journey. You can automatically reach people who visited your website or app, or reach people based on interests, locations, and other demographics – similar to how Facebook ads have traditionally targeted users. You will also be able to highlight products that were viewed on your website or mobile app, showcasing various featured products and/or product benefits.

Facebook will also be allowing for dynamic product ads, which will help eCommerce brands promote relevant products to shoppers browsing their product catalog on their website or mobile app.

This new development for the social networking giant adds a whole new twist to eCommerce social strategy, and will begin forcing e-tailers to rethink their shopping engines and data feeds. I, for one, will be keeping tabs on the success of this new product listing venture to see whether it’s as successful as projected social application use and mobile data traffic may suggest it to be.

For those interested in trying Facebook product ads, “product ads are available today in the API through Facebook Marketing Partners and will roll out in Power Editor over the next few weeks.”


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