Amazon Opens First Brick and Mortar in Lafayette, IN

College students compose a large part of’s customer base. As a student, I rely on Amazon for the majority of my textbooks. I can find the books I need for significantly lower prices than in my university’s book store, and have them delivered via Amazon Prime faster than other online textbook sellers.

Millions of college students across the country share this sentiment. Amazon has taken this fact to heart by starting to form deals with major universities across the country. Most recently, Amazon has taken its partnership with Purdue to the next level by opening its first brick and mortar store on the university’s campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The store will make it easy for students to find required course textbooks through the existing site, which uses a Purdue logo to identify books for classes. Purdue students can order the books they need in store, and pick them up in just one day. Amazon Student and Prime members will also receive free one-day pickup on items shipped to the new location.

The store aims to offer students an easier way to get their classroom essentials, preventing failed package delivery and eliminating the worry of sending back returns. In addition to the pickup lockers that Amazon has installed in major cities across the country, the physical location is staffed by customer service personnel who can assist students in making returns.

Amazon plans to pass on the benefits of this new location by sharing a portion of its revenue with the school, ensuring its secure location and maintaining school branding of products. While this new physical location provides convenience for Purdue students, it poses a potentially significant threat for other retailers in West Lafayette and near college campuses.


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