Vertical Rail Welcomes New Intern

Meet Vertical Rail’s new intern – Michele Moody.

Michele is an accomplished Global Economics major, Political Science minor, attending her final year at UCSC. She recognizes the future of e-commerce as growing, and is excited to be able to complement her education with real-world experience and practical application. Passionate about business and the industry, she’s a valuable new asset to us through this spring quarter.

Intern Michele

“E-commerce is a crucial building block of the world economy. It’s connecting businesses with consumers in ways that have never been possible before. My first few days at Vertical Rail have been awesome, and I’m excited for what I’ll be learning during the rest of my time here.”


In addition to being focused on classroom academia, Michele is an active member of UCSC’s recreation department. She enjoys all things outdoors – volunteering and participating in weekend rafting, kayaking and hiking trips with her cohorts.

On a more personal note, Michele likes science fiction, loves her dog, enjoys singing, and has a sweet tooth for chocolate. She also knows how to break the ice with her favorite YouTube video:

Welcome to the VR team, Michele!


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