Equity Marketing Solutions to Rebrand as Vertical Rail Creative

Merge to Focus on Growing Ecommerce Brand Needs

APTOS, CA – Twelve years ago when Andrew Arenson started his modest marketing company in Los Angeles with longtime colleague George Gabrelian by his side, he wanted a company that helped businesses compete in an expanding world.

The team experienced great success, helping an ever-growing client base move forward in a time of fast growth and opportunity. As the needs of their clients increased, Andrew and George took on the task of expanding their offerings, leading with marketing-fueled websites.

With each new project, they strove to outperform their last– setting a precedent of excellence. Andrew would always say… “Make each website we do be the best in its class.” Regardless of the situation, the client or the budget, the goal was to provide the best quality work… and create the best result for the client.

Linda Bateman joined the team and brought with her a new and highly valuable skillset, e-Commerce marketing, leading to the creation in 2010 of the ecommerce marketing company Vertical Rail.

Vertical Rail’s distinctiveness provided the group the opportunity to work with enterprise-level brands. The client success built a confidence that showed the group could accomplish results at the highest levels of business. The shared and compounding success of the two companies led to an inevitable merger and opportunity for rebranding.

Now located in the beautiful town of Aptos, CA, on the shores of the Monterey Bay, together EMS and Vertical Rail have grown to 14 employees. EMS will now be known as Vertical Rail Creative.

More than a name change, Vertical Rail Creative symbolizes a culture of success that was developed from helping hundreds of businesses compete and succeed online. The company will partner with Vertical Rail to provide creative services to e-tailers, retailers and manufacturers worldwide.

This collaboration provides both Vertical Rail and Vertical Rail Creative clients with an extensive support system dedicated to anticipating their business needs (even those they have not yet identified) and providing service and solutions to drive success.


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