Google AdWords Testing Ad Groups In Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaign Ad Groups In Beta

In my last post comparing the Search Network Only – Product Listing Ads and the Shopping campaign types, I mentioned a few key differences between the two – the most notable being the substitution of Ad Groups with one broad Product Group per campaign.

The loss of Ad Groups meant that PPC managers would lose the ability to fine tune their campaigns and gather data at the Ad Group Level. Essentially, negative keywords, promotional text, and search terms could only be implemented at the Campaign level. So if you wanted any of that data or granular control, you had better build out a new campaign for every Ad Group!

But just as we at Vertical Rail began to come to terms with our fate, we spotted a beacon of hope in one of our clients’ accounts. This morning, we found Ad Groups – that’s right, Ad Groups – in a few of our Shopping campaigns (see proof below)!  With this new structure, it looks like Product Groups will be nested under Ad Groups, which will in turn, reclaim their rightful place within Campaigns.

The new +Ad Group button within Shopping campaigns
The new +Ad Group button within Shopping campaigns
Google Shopping - Product Groups within Ad Groups
Testing an Ad Group with an “all” Product Group

Is Google finally acknowledging the dreams, wishes, and hopes of the PPC community? Let’s hope so! The feature looks like it’s still in beta at this point, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this feature rolls out across all AdWords accounts – soon!

What do you think of this change? Have you found Ad Groups in any of your Shopping campaigns? Let us know below!


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