Social Commerce Platforms: Which is Best for My Business?

Innovative retailers, e-tailers, and manufacturers are using social commerce apps to drive social engagement and increase sales directly through social media.  However, success in social commerce is more than just plugging in your products and waiting for people to buy.  Success is a result of strategy, technology and engagement.

A large number of merchants have learned firsthand that just because you post it doesn’t mean consumers will buy. That understanding is now fueling the innovation of the top social commerce platforms and app developers.

Here are a few of the industry’s top performers:


Why ShopTab?

  • Provides a complete eCommerce set up within your Facebook page.
  • Offers various other apps you can use, such as SharedDeal, which enables you to create a Daily Deal Store on social media for your customers.
  • Allows for a mobile-friendly Facebook shop.
  • Highly versatile – has Facebook shops in over 70 countries and accepts over 50 currencies.
  • You can optimize your product titles with various colors, sizes, and other unique attributes, which provides your customers with more information about your product.

Here is an example of a ShopTab store through Facebook:





Why ShopSocially?

  • Offers tons of apps that allow your business to get the most out of social media by providing people incentives to become fans.
    • Some of their apps include Get-a-Fan, which offers a discount to users who become fans of your business page, or Viral Offer Sharing, which enables your offers, promotions, and announcements to have a viral reach.
  • Improves your SEO rank by generating social signals for your business, which is among the top 5 factors in SEO rank.
  • Granular usage – you can control when and where social apps appear, manage your campaigns from a single dashboard, and personalize your social apps.
  • Provides in-depth analysis of your conversions, impressions, social profiles, and more.

Here is an example of a ShopSocially app through Facebook:





Why Beetailer?

  • Imports your existing web store directly onto your Facebook page.
  • Includes a promotions feature which enables you to increase ‘fans’ and ‘likes’ for your page and gain more visibility.
  • You can control which products are featured, customize the look of your store, and create product lists to organize your store.
  • Instead of hosting a shopping cart on social media it takes customers directly to the shopping cart on your site (similar to a comparison shopping engine) where they then complete the purchase.
  • Allows you to have the same Facebook store across as many Fan pages as you’d like.

Here is an example of a Beetailer store through Facebook:



If you use social media to engage with your customers, announce specials, post funny or interesting images/videos/articles, then why not use it to sell directly your products?  ShopTab, ShopSocially, and Beetailer are three platforms that have brought their clients exceptional results.

How has your business utilized social commerce?  Keep the conversation going below or tweet us @verticalrail.


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  1. Anthony says

    So which of the three are the best for a small company to use? Any recommendation or ratings? Other users out there that have had positive and/or negative experiences?

  2. Jai Rawat says

    I am a co-founder & CEO of ShopSocially. First off, I want to apologize for any negative experience you’ve had with ShopSocially. I had my team look up our database but could not find a record under you name. Please do contact me directly so I can understand and address any issues you had.

    Secondly, I would like to address the allegations of copying AddShoppers and Justuno. I have utmost respect for them and all other competitors. However, if you had done you research, you would’ve found that ShopSocially was launched at least a year before either of these companies were founded! Internet web archive is a wonderful thing :) We pride ourselves on coming up with innovative ideas and have the track record to prove that. I personally have 18 US patents under my name which are hard to come by if you are copying others.

    There are a number of case studies, testimonials and even joint webinars with customers on our site which show the details of how our platform works.


  3. Shawn S says

    One should probably know who the leaders are in this space.

    Shop Socially is a blatant rip-off of AddShoppers, Justuno and Spring Metrics. Shop Socially originally had a very different platform for “shared shopping”, and when that didn’t take off at all, they signed up for their competitors’ services, and used their India-based “development” team to reverse engineer competitors products and basically plagiarize other companies’ business models.

    Additionally, they break out their platform into different “products”, which are essentially just features that are included in all of the above said platforms. They do this to make it seem like they have “a bunch of products to choose from”, when in fact, each “product” is really just a feature in the more robust platforms listed above…. and when totaled, a fraction of the cost.

    Just thought I’d point that out, before anyone decides to go with ShopSocially, which we were quite disappointed with…

    • Lexi Bradley says

      Shawn –

      Thanks for sharing your experience with ShopSocially. We’re sorry to hear of your negative experience. We do not intend to sponsor or promote these companies; instead we simply intend to share information about 3 companies that offer interesting services.

      What company did you end up going with?

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