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Content is one crucial aspect of a website that easily gets overlooked. All too often website owners, managers or marketers write content without ever understanding its true potential.

Well optimized content (written, video, photo) signals to search engines what your business is about and helps to ‘categorize’ your site, products, and services in the SERPS.  Content also puts your site, products, and services in context for your readers. It helps spread information, creates a sense of business culture, and plays a big role in consumer engagement.  But one of the major benefits of content that is frequently overlooked is backlink generation.

In short: build GREAT content and backlinks will follow.

So, why does great content generate great backlinks? It’s Easy!

  • Content that helps people, informs or excites is more likely to be shared by others via a link from their social account, blog, or website.
  • People will link to an excellent blog post, video, image, webinar, or infographic because it helps build a reputation of quality – both for your business and the business/individual who linked to you.

Why should your business care about creating great content and generating great backlinks?

  • The days of paying for links or being involved in bad linking practices are over.  Good linking practices will be rewarded; bad linking practices will be punished.
  • No matter what industry you’re in, consider information to be one of your core products. In other words, the more you generate and share, the more you will succeed and continue to build relationships – both within your industry and among your customers.
  • Content and backlinks drive traffic and recognition.  Traffic and recognition drive business and interest.
  • If you have a website, think of yourself as a publisher.

What are some tips for generating great content?

  • Have a content development strategy – and stick with it!  Your strategy should include a publishing schedule, an array of topics you’d like to write about, all forms of content you’d like to develop, and clear-cut roles.
  • Promote your content on social media.  Each time you publish a piece of content, announce it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other form of social media that you participate in.  Then sit back and watch the ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘retweets’, etc. pour in.
  • Explore video, podcasts, infographics, forum participation, images, webinars, and other types of content.  People respond amazingly well to these alternative forms of engagement.
  • Make your content interesting, smart, funny, honest, and forward-thinking – use your expertise to establish authority in your field.

The power of content should never be underestimated, especially in regard to backlinks.  Excellent content will position your business as an authority and generate more high quality links than any link-farm ever could.  So get started on your content development plan today.

For more information on content and backlinks, watch this helpful webinar from Vertical Measures.


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