Why Should Ecommerce Merchants Pay Attention to Bing Ads?

why-bing-shoppingWhy are Bing Ads important to keep an eye on?

Bing Ads are currently catching up the market leader- Google.  In fact, each year, Bing continues to capture more and more of the market share.  While Google retains roughly 67% of the search market, Bing has around 17.9% with a 2% increase over the previous year according to Search Engine Journal.

What does this mean for possible ecommerce merchants on the Bing Ads platform?  The answer is great ROI.  In other words, Bing Ads has not reached the same level of saturation as seen in Google Adwords, meaning there is there is currently less competition for important, in-demand keywords.  This spells a unique opportunity to diversify your marketing bracket that is not completely reliant on Google or Amazon.

The improved interface has made significant strides in user-friendliness and is far-cry from its initial cryptic beginnings.  Bing is partnered with Facebook and Yahoo, allowing for further development of potential new advertising platforms.  Now is a good time to become acquainted with Bing Ads and further expand your market share!


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