New Year, New Strategy: Why To Get a Complete Ecommerce Audit


How can search marketing audits help grow sales & profit?

Audits are a great way to assess your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.  Get an audit to review your business’s search engine optimization (SEO) standing, pay per click (PPC) performance, and comparison shopping engine (CSE) accounts and kick off the New Year with a new, comprehensive strategy.

What exactly is an audit?

An audit is an in-depth analysis of how your business is performing in relation to SEO, PPC, or CSEs.  An audit ensures that you’re taking advantage of every opportunity, generating a positive return on investment (ROI), and on track for success.

Audits are an excellent opportunity to receive objective professional guidance without a contract.  The process will make you aware of your current online presence, necessary improvements, and future goals.

What’s the difference between SEO, PPC, and CSE audits?  Why is each important?

SEO is widely regarded as the foundation of any ecommerce website’s success.

If your page lacks interesting on-page content, is not user friendly, and is hard to navigate, your business can lose credibility and customers.  This is why it’s crucial to have the eyes of an objective professional scouring your site and ensuring everything is in ship-shape.

SEO audits make recommendations that you can implement to ensure your website gets the highest possible rankings in organic search results.

SEO audits examine the following:

  • Your SEO strategy
  • Indexing issues and crawl errors
  • Navigation structure & user interface (is your site user friendly across all devices?)
  • Content (main pages, category and product)
  • Keyword analysis (top performing keywords)
  • Domains, sub-domains & URL structure
  • Blog (category review, determine if entries are being indexed properly)
  • Image optimization
  • Links (internal, external and in-bound linking)
  • Titles and tags
  • Conversions and Analytics tracking

PPC is an excellent way to generate new customers.

PPC allows you to apply high-level strategy, such as pushing products based on best-sellers or highest return.  In order to do this, you create various campaigns and manage your bids accordingly.

Although the benefits of PPC advertising are immense, the process can often be complex and confusing.  Many businesses do not utilize PPC to its full capacity due to lack of knowledge or time.  This is why PPC audits are so important.

PPC audits examine the following:

  • Campaigns, ad groups, and ads (are they performing well)
  • Keywords & negative keywords
  • Impressions & click through rate
  • Quality scores
  • Bids and budget (is your CPC cost efficient)
  • Conversions
  • Return on investment (is ROI tracking enabled and generating accurate figures)
  • Segmenting by device (mobile device settings)
  • Ad rotation
  • Landing page metrics
  • Targeting (Location, language, etc.)

Selling your products in Comparison Shopping Engines diversifies your online presence and customer base.  CSEs help you access customers who may not have found your business otherwise.

The audiences you’ll reach on CSEs are usually price sensitive comparison shoppers.  CSEs are especially helpful if you have visually engaging products or competitive pricing, as products are usually arranged by price and always include an image.

A CSE audit is the perfect tool to ensure your products are listed correctly and that you are receiving positive returns from your participation.

CSE audits examines the following:

  • Visibility & impressions
  • Ad spend and budget
  • Return on investment
  • Product inventory
  • Categorization requirements
  • Shopping engine rules and regulations
  • Formatting and feed mapping
  • Data feed performance (is your feed optimized correctly)
  • Monthly goals

SEO, PPC, and CSEs change rapidly every day and, as a result, many businesses get left in the past.  An audit is the perfect way to stay current and connected as your ecommerce business moves successfully into the future.

2014 is upon us and now is the perfect time to take every measure possible and make sure all your goals come to fruition.


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