Optimized Product Data Feeds Are Better

DFO Improves Chances For Success

Online merchants who know this secret make more money… Period.

Data Feed Optimization (DFO) is simply the act of making the Product Data Feed that you submit to a Shopping Engine the best that it can possibly be.

What does this actually mean?

Higher ROI.

DFO is guaranteed to help you spend less, make more, and increase your chances of success in today’s ultra-competitive Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs).

Without DFO?

Let’s just say that you’ll be limping out of the gate, and when it comes to your business limping can really hurt.

As part of our “Optimized Product Data Feeds Are Better” series, the following are the top reasons why DFO is absolutely necessary to any successful CSE ecommerce marketing plan.

Click each reason for more information as to why it made this list.

Optimized Product Data Feeds…

1)    Cut Wasteful Spending

2)    Maximize Visibility

3)    Differentiate Your Products From The Competition

4)    Directly Target Customers’ Desires

5)    Serve You Relevant Traffic That Actually Converts

6)    Keep You On The Cutting Edge Of Online Retail

What Are You Waiting For?

Here are 5 data feed optimization tips to achieve success this holiday season.

Still looking for more information?

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