Google Launches ‘Estimated Total Conversions’

Google has introduced a new way for paid search marketers to track how their AdWords PPC ads drive conversions.

‘Estimated Total Conversions’ could turn out to be a very interesting tool.

With ‘Estimated Total Conversions’, Google has made it easier to trace a customer’s conversion path that originates from a paid click.  They have accomplished this in part by introducing cross-device conversion tracking.

Google also plans to track new conversion types as part of their ‘Estimated Total Conversions.’   These include conversions from phone calls and in-store visits that originate from a paid click.  However Google has not yet released how they plan to track this new information.

‘Estimated Total Conversions’ stands to take some of the guesswork out of the path to conversion equation.  With this new data, paid search marketers can better optimize to attract and convert the right customers with the best ROAS.

Total Conversions

We plan on keeping tabs on ‘Estimated Total Conversions’ to see how it unfolds.  What do you think of this new conversions platform?  How will your business use ‘Estimated Total Conversions’?  Do you see any relation to the new Hummingbird update or Google’s move towards secure search?

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