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A Revolution in Online Shopping

New Service Helps Users Shop Efficiently

Attention! Google Shopping Express has arrived!

Well sort of…as of yesterday, it’s officially available to all users in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This new and exciting service helps users shop at a level of all-time efficiency.

The point is that it allows you to browse through all your favorite participating online retailers in a single place and it includes same-day delivery.

“It’s easy: fill your cart with items, select where and when you want them delivered, and buy. If you have any questions or issues, just call our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help you out,” says Tom Fallows, Product Management Director of Google Shopping Express in his blog post.

Sounds too good to be true?  Not for Google.

So what does all this mean?

First, it means even more shoppers will come to Google as their first and only shopping stop.  After all, if you can do all your shopping in one place and get same day delivery why would anyone jump from website to website again?

Second, it poses an interesting future for user interface, as Google also plans to release its Google Shopping Express mobile app.  Now users can have all the perks of this amazing shopping service on the go and they will be doing it on mobile screens.

How does this affect the marketing world?

Well for one it means that Google Shopping is expanding and companies must jump onboard.  Product Listing Ads will be more important than ever now that Google will have more shoppers.

Another interesting result is that the new Google Shopping Express mobile app will bring pocket shoppers a level of convenience sure to change retail forever.

All hail Google, the king of Internet shopping. What do you think of Google Shopping Express and new internet shopping interfaces?  From what I can tell it looks like Google’s adapting to a highly efficient, mobile, on the go world.

Will you do the same?


Need a GOOGLE EXPERT in your corner?


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