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Click To Call – A Must Have Mobile Search Feature

Research Shows 70% Of Mobile Users Calling From Search Results

Google Research Shows 70% Of Mobile Users Clicking To Call Directly From Search Results

The Power Of The Phone Call Still Stands

Your customers want to speak with you directly. Despite the ubiquity of online & mobile shopping in today’s ecommerce landscape, the value to consumers of making a phone directly to a business has not diminished in the slightest.

In a recent study with Ipsos Research, Google asserts that 70% of the 3,000 mobile searchers surveyed reported clicking to call a business directly from mobile search results. Not only that, but they also reported that having a click to call feature in a business’s mobile results or paid ad can have a strong positive influence on brand perception.

Main Takeaways

Google performed this research over seven major verticals including Auto, Local, Retail, Finance, Restaurant, Travel & Technology. Here are a few main takeaways…

  • The ability to call is most crucial as part of the research and purchase phases of the sales process.
  • Google says that an average of “3 out of 4 calls resulting from mobile search ads lasted longer than 30 seconds, and that calls from ads lasted on average six minutes”.
  • The click to call button in mobile search listing has a positive impact on brand perception & authority, and can boost the effectiveness & CTR of your ad.
  • Businesses can now measure phone calls that result from the click to call button as conversions in AdWords. This enables a business to track the value of phone calls driven by ads.

Have you added a click to call button to your mobile ads, organic listings and business listings? On the other hand, do you like to see a click to call button when you are searching from mobile?

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