How to Link A Google Plus Page & YouTube Channel

Connecting Google To YouTube & Attaining “GoogTube Plus”

Disclaimer: this strategy has become invalid for many users as YouTube has ‘updated’ and removed many of the outlined options.

Watch to see how to take an existing YouTube Channel that is currently linked to a Google+ Profile and link it to your Google Plus business Page while not losing any videos or data.

Why Link Your Business’s YouTube Channel to a Google+ Page

As YouTube becomes a stronger marketing tool and an even stronger SEO ranking factor for online businesses, it is increasingly important that your business’s YouTube Channel is clearly & properly linked to not only your company website, but your Google+ business Page. When organized and linked correctly, I call it, “GoogTube Plus”.

Google+ Profile vs. Google+ Page vs. YouTube Channel

The linkable account types of concern are:

  • Google+ Profile
  • Google+ Business Page
  • YouTube Channels

If you are a brand or a business, you belong on a Google+ PAGE and not a Google+ Profile. A profile must be a real person with a first and last name. Google is surprisingly good at knowing and will go as far as suspending your Google+ profile until you adjust this. Before going forward, make sure your profile is a real person and not a duplicate of your business page.


If This is Happening to You, I’m Here to Help.

When you create a Google+ Page from your Google+ Profile and Google creates an accompanying YouTube channel that will be linked to your Google+ business Page separate from the YouTube channel linked with your personal profile. Worse still, if you want to link your existing YouTube account (with all of your business’s videos) to your business Google+ Page, you won’t be given the option because Google sees that your Google+ business Page already has a YouTube Channel.

Confused? Ask me questions about how to clean up your GoogTube+ tangled web of accounts in the comments section below.


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