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New Functionality And An Improved User Experience For Google Trends

Good News For SEOs As Google Rolls Out Update To Google Trends

With the ability to segment, compare and analyze search data on any topic, Google Trends is an invaluable tool to the work of any SEO. With the latest update to the tool, Google Trends has become more powerful and user friendly than ever.

The update is focused on the new “Top Charts” feature as well as creating a better Google Trends user experience overall.

Here are the 3 main features of this latest Google Trends update

1)     New Top Charts Feature – Allows users to not only view top trending search terms, but to compare those top trending terms to normal search volumes.

2)     Past 30 Days Of Hot Searches Function – Allows users to view data from the last 30 days of hot searches for comparative analysis.

3)     A Better Overall Google Trends User Experience – Google has moved refinements and data filters to the top navigation in order to create a more seamless and consistent user experience.

What do you think of the new Google Trends? Is it a tool that you can’t live without? How does it factor into your everyday SEO strategy?

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