Preparing For the Biggest Online Holiday Sales Season in History

Online Merchants With Bullet-Proof Marketing Strategies Stand To Win Big…

Q4 is a dynamic and challenging time for online merchants and proper preparation is crucial. The holiday shopping season increases pressure on a merchant’s presence in comparative shopping engines and marketplaces. Many comparison engines increase their CPC Costs for products by up to 25% during the holidays and competition for ad space simultaneously increases. This requires additional attention to budgets & product data feeds to ensure visibility. Online merchants who understand and prepare for the opportunities & challenges will have no problem crossing the Q4 finish line in glory. The following are five tips to help make sure that you have the best holiday sales season ever.

How Can You Be Successful This Season? Here Are Five Tips to Maximize Your Online Sales.

  1. Evaluate Your Ecommerce Strategy. Make contingencies to accommodate for the increased competition & cost of selling in Q4. Assess past historical trends & optimize for holiday best sellers, but don’t count on those products alone. Set up specials for new products over early season holidays like Thanksgiving & Black Friday. Offer free shipping to give your products a leg up in the competitive landscape.
  2. Diversify Product Visibility Across Multiple Shopping Engines and Marketplaces. Make sure that products are visible in as many channels as possible. Allocate enough advertising budget for them to stay visible even as some of those engines begin rolling out seasonal CPC increases. Optimize your Product Data Feeds & content to make sure your products are seen by the most potential buyers for relevant keywords.
  3. Review Shopping Engine Policies & Ensure Your Compliancy. Fix any and all technical issues with Product Data Feeds & your website. The Q4 season demands that your pricing, inventory & other product attributes are up to date and match between your site and product feed. Even the slightest discrepancies may cause products to lose visibility at the wrong time. A clean, compliant Product Data Feed ensures maximum ad impressions – with no hiccups.
  4. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize. Batten down the hatches and finish that long SEO to do list. Lower your average CPC this season by giving extra attention your organic SEO & proving to the engines that your authority goes beyond paid traffic. Optimize your product landing pages & ad copy for a relevant user experience that will increase conversions. Sculpt your publishing calendar in advance to give extra attention to top producing brands, categories and products.
  5. Get A Second Opinion. Preparing a water-tight strategy to succeed under the increased pressure and competition is no easy task. Having the eyes of a professional ecommerce marketing or technical specialist look over your active accounts is a crucial step in making sure that your strategy is water tight.
Do you know of a tip that you’d like to share? We want to hear from you. And, as always, you can request a free holiday ecommerce audit right here at!


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