Review CPC Rate Cards To Properly Allocate Advertising Budget

It Takes Money To Make Money

Google and other search engines continue to push ecommerce listings out of the organic search results, forcing online retailers into paid vertical search categories such as Google Shopping and Comparative Shopping Engines (CSE’s) like

Google is accomplishing this by giving priority in the organic SERPS to informational web pages that are not selling product. These include informative blogs, wiki pages & other educationally valuable, non-commerce related web pages.

The basic message Google is sending is that if people want to buy something, they should go to Google Shopping. If people want information, they are best fit to stay in the organic search results.

Therefore, online retailers can expect less of their targeted ecommerce traffic to come for free from organic search and more of that traffic to come from paid vertical search CPC programs. Moving forward, merchants must be meticulous in their attention to CPC rates on their paid listings in order to get the most from CPC ad spend.

Smart Online Retailers Know Their CPC Rates

The smartest online retailers who are already established in CSE’s stay up to date on the CPC rates of all the engines that their products are in. They also properly prepare for seasonal CPC Rate increases during the Q4 holiday sales season that can affect budgets and return on ad spend.

Moreover, it is critical for any new merchants who are trying to establish themselves in the major CSE’s to review CPC rates when designing their strategy for CPC success. Without CPC rate foresight, merchants who are new to CSE’s run the risk of watching their ad spend run out of control quickly with little to no returns.

By comprehensively assessing the CPC rates of a CSE, online merchants can create well allocated advertising budgets for their paid product listings that will contribute to a positive ROAS.

Below you can find links to the CPC Rate Cards of seven major paid CSE’s. These rates vary according to category and time of year (seasonal increases!). Use them to your benefit and get the most from your paid CSE listings!

  1. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card: Amazon Product Ads
  2. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card:
  3. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card: Pricegrabber
  4. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card: Shopzilla
  5. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card: Nextag
  6. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card:
  7. CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate Card: Pronto


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