Ebay Commerce Network Gives Much Needed Update to Merchant Center

If a pig flew past your window this morning I’m not surprised. Ebay Commerce Network (Shopping.com) has finally given its merchant center dashboard a much needed upgrade.

Prior to the new merchant center update that went live this week, the user experience was awkward, with menu options that were too deep, no comprehensive display of important metrics like daily clicks, daily costs, and revenue. The overall clunky operation was in stark contrast to the more cutting edge merchant dashboards like Nextag & Pricegrabber.


The new merchant interface includes the display of three key reporting metrics on the same screen with graphs that toggle to by-date list views. Even the perceived speed, look & feel has greatly improved with better feeling buttons and an interface that feels responsive. The home page includes the ability to see and access funding and budget management, bidding, and performance.

Has the new upgrade made your life easier? What other changes would you like to see? Contact us if you have any questions on managing your products in Comparison Shopping Engines.

Here is the letter from Ebay Commerce Network:

Hi Partner,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Merchant Center!

We refreshed this tool with a more intuitive user experience to help you make better data-driven decisions, improved the load times, and introduced new reporting.

Your New Home Page
The new Summary page helps you stay on top of key campaign information, including your latest performance trends. Now, when you log in, you’ll have instant access to an interactive campaign dashboard displaying your performance trends.

Enhanced Reporting Platform
Our improved reporting tools provide deeper insights into your campaign, helping you analyze and optimize performance on our network. You can now utilize a visually rich reporting dashboard, with key campaign trends by day, week, or month, YoY comparisons, and more.

Sophisticated new bidding tools
We’ve developed powerful bidding tools to help you increase product exposure, drive more traffic and grow sales. You’ll benefit from a more seamless and intuitive bidding experience as well as instructive videos and tips to help you bid smarter.

For more details on commonly used features check out our Help Center.


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