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Social Video – Vine Becoming Marketing Power Tool For E-commerce Businesses

Vine Allows Users to Create 6-second Snapshot-Style Video

Are you ready to start pulling in more traffic and sales from your social media efforts?

It’s no secret that social media is a wide open frontier for e-commerce marketing.

Unfortunately, only a handful of retailers have found success in this domain.  Most social media advertisements either fly under the radar or are met with a closing click.  This is why social media driven sales continue to be dwarfed in comparison to search marketing, PPC, email marketing & more.

The Emerging Power of Social Video

The best bet to convert social media attention into sales is to provide your followers with valuable and shareable social content that drives them to your website’s landing page using a link.

Social media video content has become one of the most powerful tools to accomplish this goal and drive sales for your e-commerce business.

In her article, “Vine Videos Are A New Way of Marketing Your eCommerce Business”, Brianna Wills confirms that social video platforms like Vine are becoming indispensable as e-commerce marketing tools.

Vine social video ecommerce marketing tool

Vine is a platform that allows users to easily create 6-second snapshot style video animations and share them on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Google+ where landing page links can be attached to the post.

Wills provides this example of a Vine marketing video from Gap to illustrate the power of social video marketing for e-commerce merchants. In the 6-second video, Gap captures the attention of viewers with a beautiful animation of sunglasses & flowers to promote their summer clothing line.

In her article, Wills gives five ways you can use Vine to promote your business:

1)    Endorse New Products

2)    Attract Customers Through Showing Your Skills

3)    Share How To Tips & Demos

4)    Take a Tour Inside Of Your Business

5)    Offer a Contest

Wrap Up

From the largest brands to the smallest businesses, the power of social video marketing cannot be ignored moving into 2014. The beauty is how easy it is for businesses to effectively create and share social video content using social video platforms like Vine and the newly released Mixbit.

Start making a plan for social video marketing. You’ll be thanking yourself in no time.

How have you seen social video create marketing success for e-commerce businesses? Looking to get going with a social video strategy for your e-commerce business?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or send us a tweet @verticalrail.


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