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Facebook And Social Commerce: The Next Frontier In Ecommerce

Question is Whether or Not People Want Ads on Social Media

Is Social Media The Right Place For Ecommerce?

As Billeo, Inc. releases its ‘Xpress Buy’ 2-click Facebook commerce solution, the potential value of selling directly to social media users continues to be hotly debated.

Do you enjoy seeing direct offers & contextual advertisements on Facebook or other social platforms? Many people don’t.

Despite many users’ disdain for advertisements and ads on social media, many Ecommerce merchants and web developers are excited about the concept of a seamless social media shopping experience. One of these companies is Billeo, Inc., a mobile shopping marketing firm in Santa Clara, CA.

In a press release on August 6, 2013, Billeo, Inc. announced the launch of its Xpress Buy 2-click ecommerce solution for Facebook.

The solution is being debuted on the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team’s Facebook page. This new ‘Xpress Buy’ 2-click system placed directly on Facebook pages creates context-relevant, instant buying experiences embedded within users’ social conversations.

Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Billeo, Inc. Murali Subbarao says, “With our first-in-the-industry Facebook fan page commerce solution, we’re truly changing the game here by leveraging social media engagement to convert conversations to commerce, transforming cost centers into revenue centers.”

On paper, Billeo’s new ‘Xpress Buy’ 2-click social commerce solution sounds great, and it may very well be a success for the San Jose Earthquakes. However, the question really is whether or not people want to be sold to while engaging on social media in the first place.

Are you logging into to Facebook with the intent to buy? Or are you there to just have fun, take a break, or catch up with friends?

What do you think of Ecommerce entering your social media world?

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