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SEO Ranking Factors: User Satisfaction More Important Than Ever

Rank Higher In Google By Satisfying Your Visitors

Rank Higher In Google By Satisfying Your Visitors

Trying to find a balance between making your website visitors happy and ranking well with Google?

You’re not alone.

Everyone running a web-based business is trying to stay one step ahead of Google’s latest algorithm update while also trying to make their users happy. What we often forget is the name of the game is really about satisfying the needs of website visitors.

When visitors bounce, the site pays a toll. Google sees high bounce rates as a sign of dissatisfaction; it harms your overall rankings and credibility in their eyes. Google equates visitor engagement to website health.

In his recent post, “SEO Ranking Factor #1 Is Satisfaction”, Cyrus Shepard asserts that satisfaction is now the #1 factor that Google takes into account when ranking your website for search results. Although there are many factors that Google uses in its algorithm, Google’s ultimate goal is to give users exactly what they are looking for when searching the web.

“Google has never strayed from their position about the importance of developing websites around the needs of the consumer,” said Andrew Arenson, CEO of Vertical Rail. “Websites that create a great user experience and top-notch content, typically do great in the SERPS.”

When Google sends visitors your way, don’t let anyone down by offering up a dissatisfying experience on your site. A negative site experience hurts your search rankings just as fast as it scares away your potential customers.

Make your users happy, make Google happy & do better business.

Read Shepard’s article on how to improve user satisfaction on your site & start satisfying your users.

Have any thoughts on how user satisfaction relates to Ecommerce sites in particular? We would love to talk about it!

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