How To Appeal To A Wide Customer Base – Landing Pages & Audience Awareness

Audience Awareness Levels and their Implications

Without a doubt, it is not easy to create landing pages that appeal to shoppers across the board.  In many instances, online shoppers are in different stages of product knowledge and application.  It is the marketer’s job to convince them to stay on the page and hopefully, create a conversion.  Understanding where a potential customer is in the awareness state is critical in conceiving a landing page that appeals to broad audience.  Generally, shoppers can be grouped into different states of awareness and landing pages can be optimized to target each category.

The “completely unaware” customer is one that does not know how your product or service is conducive to their needs.  You many need to convince this person that they lack what you are providing.  In order to be successful here, the utilization of personal stories and events are key to being successful.

In contrast, the “problem aware” audience is one that is conscious of the fact that there is a problem and your product or service holds the remedy.  In order to achieve success in this realm, creating trust and relating to your customer is the key to retaining their attention.  Some strategies to employ include explaining your product’s benefits and offering an opportunity for open dialogue.

The “solution aware” audience is one that is completely aware and conscious of a solution that exists.  What your page’s responsibility is then, is to convince a potential customer that your product or service is better than the competition’s.  Using testimonials, statistics, and reviews are key to helping shoppers become a long lasting, returning customer.

Lastly, the “totally aware” online shopper is one that is determined to make a transaction on your site and has been loyal to your specific products.  Apple is a company that can be considered to hold many “totally aware” customers.  At this point, it is foremost to keep the interface user-friendly and not overcomplicate.

Of course, an e-commerce marketer also has to create a unique path in order to create conversions.  This is usually done with discounts, price reductions, deals as well as focusing on other ways to capture the attention of their shoppers.  These include differentiate of application, quality, etc.

To sum up, it is salient to know at which phase in the awareness cycle your audience is.  This can be measured by tools such as Google Analytics, PPC Data, Surveys, and Heat Scroll Maps.  In the end, creating tailored user experiences can create higher dwell rates and ultimately translate to higher conversion rate.

What are some tactics you implement in creating landing pages that appeal to a broad audience?  Also, how do you retain an e-commerce shopper’s interest?

If you would like more information regarding customer awareness levels, please visit this article from PPC Hero.


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