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Link Building: An E-Tailer Must for SEO Success

External Links Can Build Website Authority

Quality links & unique content for small businesses

Here at Vertical Rail, we love working with small and large e-tailers alike. One challenge shopping feed management experts undoubtedly face when working with smaller e-commerce partners is: how to get higher rankings in SERPs, AdWords and CSE’s including Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads) when up against much larger competitors? Sure, we could break the bank and raise bids for better positioning, but what if we instead focused on the quality of the site itself to gain better overall authority. How can this be achieved you ask? Two words: link building!

One of the best ways to increase your website’s authority is through external links. To clarify, we aren’t talking about links from just any old website – that’s just asking for trouble (uh hem, Penguin). Specifically, our smaller e-commerce partners strive to receive links from authoritative sites in the same industry, which reference their unique content and product offerings.

Today we came across our friends at Search Engine Journal’s article “Small Businesses Can Still Have Big SEO Success” which outlines three ways smaller businesses can either start or build upon their current link building program, as an SEO strategy. We feel SEJ is spot on with their recommendation to focus on quality links, creation of content to serve your audience or customers, and uncovering niches your larger competition may be overlooking. Over all it’s a good read that we recommend any small e-tailer who takes their SEO seriously, to check out!


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