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How to Estimate Lost Google Organic Search Results from iOS 6 Mobile Devices

Creates Misrepresentation of Organic Traffic

Will iOS 7 continue to incorrectly report Google organic search results?

With yesterday’s announcement from Apple regarding the new iOS 7 platform, we found it quite timely of Search Engine Watch to address iOS 6’s impact on reported organic traffic in Google Analytics. If you aren’t sure what we are referring to, since iOS 6 was released last September, Analytics has reported an average of a 7% decline in organic traffic according to SEW. This is due to website traffic received from Google search results performed on mobile devices with iOS 6, being incorrectly tracked as direct versus organic.

In the article “Google Makes It Even Harder to Estimate Missing iOS 6 Organic Search Data,” Search Engine Watch offers a simple formula for organic traffic, that can be used to include the visitors your site received from mobile devices with the Apple operating system. Unfortunately, this is not going to give you a 100% accurate number. It will however provide a better picture of your overall organic traffic and hopefully identify why those numbers may have mysteriously dropped.

So what does this mean for Google searches that are performed on iOS 7? We are left wondering if there will be a fix put in place to address this misrepresentation of organic traffic before the operating system’s release this fall.

Have you noticed a decline in your website’s reported organic traffic since iOS 6 was released? If so, by how much?


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  1. Leandra says

    Hi Erica,

    Excellent article. Can you please provide the link where SEW talks about this. I went to the website but for some reason can’t find the article.

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