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eBay Commerce Network Twitter Announcement

In a recent e-mail to participating merchants (attachment below), VP of eBay Inc., Gautam Thakar, announced that and affiliated websites will be re-branded as the eBay Commerce Network.  With its merger with parent company, eBay Inc., plans to augment its existing ecommerce platform with eBay’s technologies and data.

Is the merger happening so soon?  It looks like it.  Today, when logging in to clients’ dashboards, we noticed announcements prompting merchants to review new agreements and policies.


eBay’s VP has stated that merchants’ campaigns and contacts will remain the same, but what else does this change spell for merchants participating in  Discuss with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and stay tuned to find out!

The Official E-Mail Announcement

I am excited to announce the business (including affiliated websites) has been rebranded as the eBay Commerce Network.

This new name more accurately reflects who we are today. As an eBay company for the past 8 years, we have evolved from our legacy as a comparison shopping site into a robust commerce network. Our strategy and investments are focused on enhancing and scaling this network. Our ultimate goal is to integrate eBay’s powerful assets into our commerce platform to bring you innovative advertising solutions that can help you acquire new customers and grow your business.

The rebrand comes as, Inc. merges into its parent company eBay Inc. effective today. You will notice a new website and branding; however, your campaign and contacts within the company will remain the same. Any agreement you may have with, Inc. has been assigned to eBay Inc. Please login to the Merchant Center to review any applicable updated eBay Commerce Network terms and conditions and review our updated User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please contact if you have further questions regarding this reorganization. We look forward to partnering with you as the eBay Commerce Network.


Gautam Thakar
VP, eBay Inc.


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