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We want to send a shout out to Raven Tools, an online platform that we’ve come to know and love.  We wanted to take a few moments and share how this tool that has helped streamline our workflow and improve our ability to analyze data and provide professional reporting for our clients.

Equity Marketing Solutions opened a Raven Tools account in 2011 after hearing Rae Hoffman (aka Sugarrae) rave about the platform’s reporting features. We did some investigation and were attracted by the idea of having an array of SEO, social media, content, metrics and reporting tools in a consolidated format. Our initial attraction has been reinforced over the past year by the company’s ongoing release of new features and their high level of customer service.

Raven Tools

We had to come up to speed quickly on all of the Raven Tools features, so introductory training webinars were a real godsend. We’ve also tapped into their Knowledge Base numerous times, as well as using the Customer Care email feature. Speedy response to our help tickets and questions lets us make quick changes to websites and campaigns or figure out why we’re not getting the report information we’re after.

Raven Tools pulls its data from a variety of sources including MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, Google Analytics, Wordtracker, Calais and Wordstream and puts it together into an all-in-one dashboard. This means we can juggle a lot of balls at one time—site audits, client and competitor research, social media management and more, without dropping a single ball.

Raven Tools gives us a good way to quantify and track data for authority, keywords, social and link metrics and use it in other program features such as their Keyword Manager and Link Manager. Being able to gather baseline data on potential clients and stay on top of what’s happening over time on multiple fronts is a big plus. It’s also helped us dig really deep into a client’s website and make powerful changes to improve optimization.

Finally, it’s worth the expense. All accounts are month-to-month with no contract, so if it doesn’t work for you, you’re not tied into a long term obligation.

We know that not everyone was happy when Raven Tools dropped some of their features last year in response to Google’s crackdown on scraped data. However, we think that the changes they’ve implemented demonstrate that they are committed to continuously finding ways to help improve their online marketing support, and we really appreciate that.

We haven’t yet fully availed ourselves of every tool in the toolbox, and according to Raven Tools Communications Director Arienne Holland, we aren’t the only ones. When asked about underutilized or lesser-known features, she mentions the Link Referrals reporting tool included in the SEO Performance reports. “It cross-references links that you’ve stored in the Link Manager with referral data from Google Analytics,” explains Arienne. “Boom: you can report to clients the actual traffic, engagement and (mostly importantly) conversions that you’re delivering via link building.”

Also on her list are the Social Monitor tool, which allows users to monitor social networks for data on brands, industries, sales leads, Twitter hashtags and more, as well as the Raven’s Scribe integration, which analyzes content for SEO structure and keyword prominence, and then delivers both a page score and a site score.

If you are juggling a variety of SEO, social media, PPC and reporting tasks, you might want to give Raven Tools a try. They’ve made it easy to dip your toes in the water with a free 30-day trial before you take the full plunge.


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