TheFind: How To Get Listed And Start Selling!

TheFind: Defined

TheFind was created in 2005 under the name FatLens Inc. In 2006, the site was renamed, and quickly became one of the most powerful and effective online comparison shopping engines on the web today. TheFind is positioned as a “discovery shopping engine” and according to CEO, Siva Kumar, its mission is to, “help every shopper find exactly what they want to buy, and help every merchant, large or small, to reach those shoppers.”

Innovation is the factor that pushes TheFind to the forefront of comparison shopping sites, where it is now ranked as the second most powerful shopping engine, surpassed only by Google Shopping. The increasing number of consumers using TheFind makes it a great resource for businesses who are trying to boost the online visibility of their products.

Listing Products in TheFind

Cost of Listing Products in TheFind

TheFind provides tremendous value for customers and merchants alike at absolutely no cost. Unlike most other comparison shopping engines, TheFind does not charge businesses a cost per click fee, inclusion fee, or start-up fee.

Benefits of Listing Products in TheFind for E-Commerce Merchants

TheFind is the second most powerful comparison shopping engine. Listing products in TheFind is great way to increase the visibility of your products online for no cost, and can:

  • Utilize Data Feed Optimization to increase rankings
  • Increase traffic and online sales
  • Improve your ecommerce website’s organic search engine ranking
  • Help promote local businesses with the “Local Shopping” feature

Benefits of Using TheFind for Consumers

TheFind is a valuable resource that helps connect consumers with the products they are looking for at the best prices. TheFind allows shoppers to:

  • Sort products by price, store, color, and brand
  • Read ratings and reviews of products
  • Find coupons applicable to the search
  • Find which local stores carry the products they are shopping for
  • Set “shop like me” settings so that members can quickly compare results from their favorite stores

How to List Products in TheFind

To get involved in TheFind:

  • Register at
  • Join UpFront program and verify the account
  • Create a data feed and fill out as many lead attributes as possible
  • Format the feed to TheFind’s specifications
  • Upload the feed using TheFind Merchant Center
  • Check regularly for product listings

To get started, visit TheFind’s merchant center page [UPDATE: TheFind is joining Facebook]. Or, contact us about our shopping engine management or social marketing services to see how we can help you get started with TheFind [Facebook Product Ads].


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    • Cathy Nguyen says

      Hi John,

      TheFind doesn’t charge any fees for sign up or clicks. To register and start selling your products, you’ll just to register, upload your product data feed and supply your merchant information.

      Best of luck!

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