More Bang For Your Buck! The Benefits of Listing in Google Shopping

The Inception and Growth of Google Shopping

Google, the search engine giant, has redefined the online shopping experience for both the merchant and the end user. On October 1st, 2012, Google completed its transformation from Google Product Search (a free-to play comparison shopping engine model) to Google Shopping (a cost per click or acquisition structure).

Backed with massive amounts of data and intelligence concerning product-related search queries, Google Shopping has grown to be a highly-targeted ad platform with a knack for identifying transactional and commercial searches. Google Shopping also utilizes Product Listing Ads – a new ad format that displays the item image, company name, price, and promotional message on search engine results pages. By presenting product information up front and at just the right time in customers’ buying cycles, Google Shopping generates higher levels of more qualified traffic for participating merchants.

According to a report from RKG, PLAs brought in 28% of Google’s non-brand paid clicks in Q4. The report also shows that the average cost per click for PLAs is 26% lower than that of regular AdWords text ads with a 34% higher CTR.

Google Shopping has proven to be a highly viable and profitable comparison shopping engine platform for Vertical Rail clients. Read below to find out more about the benefits of listing your products in Google Shopping or contact us to see how we can help you get set up and moving.

Benefits of Listing Products in Google Shopping for E-Commerce Merchants

  • Qualified Leads – Increase the quality of your leads with relevant product information directly in your ads.
  • Increased Site Traffic – Product Listing Ads funnel customers directly to your website.
  • Higher Click Through Rates – Experience higher click through rates than text ads in shopping searches.
  • Ability to Refine Bidding Strategies – Get more control over where and when your products show to decrease the cost of your conversions.
  • Lower Click Costs – With heightened ability to refine your bidding strategy, you can expect to trim the fat where needed and direct budgets to your top performers.
  • Broad Reach – Increase your SERP real estate by positioning yourself in organic search results, AdWords text ads, and in the PLA box.  As a bonus, it is possible to show more than one of your products in PLA results.


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