How To Set Up An Account And Start Selling On Bizrate

About Bizrate

Bizrate was founded in 1996 by 27-year-old Farhad Mohi, and has become one of the leading comparison shopping engines, helping millions of online shoppers “search, compare, and conquer.” The purpose of BizRate is to provide consumers with unbiased information about products and online merchants to help raise consumer confidence when making online purchases.

Bizrate is committed to providing the consumer with as much information as possible, and according to the Bizrate website, they collect over 25,000 customer reviews each day. Bizrate is part of Shopzilla Inc., and is committed to helping shoppers find the right products at the best price.

The Details: Listing Your Products on Bizrate

Costs of Listing Products in Bizrate

Merchants pay a $50 refundable deposit when creating an account with Bizrate, and then bid on a CPC amount. The minimum bid is different for each category and changes throughout the year. The more money a business bids, the higher their products will appear in the listings.

Benefits of Listing Products in Bizrate for E-Commerce Merchants

Listing products on the Bizrate site is an effective way to connect with millions of active shoppers and can help e-commerce businesses:

  • Increase readership and online sales
  • Use Bizrate Insights to learn about the customer experience and engage in a conversation with shoppers
  • Communicate with shoppers through Email advertising opportunities
  • Increase credibility across multiple channels with third party ratings and reviews

Benefits of Using Bizrate for Consumers

Bizrate provides shoppers with extensive product information to help them make informed decisions. Shoppers have the ability to:

  • Read and write product and seller reviews
  • Sort products by price, rating, relevance, brand, and store
  • Quickly compare final prices, including tax and shipping costs
  • Find online deals and coupons

How to List Products in Bizrate

To list products in Bizrate:

  • Set up a merchant account and pay $50 refundable deposit
  • Create a data feed that is formatted to Bizrate’s specifications
  • Upload the feed and fix any errors if necessary
  • Process the feed
  • Set up a bid for each product category, and fund account accordingly
  • Check back regularly until you find your products listed

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