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About Sortprice was launched in January of 2004 and has since become a popular comparison shopping engine. Sortprice offers consumers a positive shopping experience – providing them with thousands of products to choose from, ratings & reviews, and social media integration. Their mission is to, “help consumers save money by offering them the safest and easiest online shopping experience available, while providing merchants with a fair and cost-effective way to expand their online sales presence.”
Sortprice has been working towards becoming a key player in the comparison shopping engine area, but does not yet possess a viable market share of readership. Sortprice is set apart, however, by its foray into the social media realm with an application that allows businesses to sell directly from the Facebook website and interact meaningfully with shoppers through social media.

Listing Products in Sortprice

Cost of Listing Products in Sortprice

Sortprice offers two programs that merchants can choose from; the basic and enhanced program. The Basic program is free of charge and lists a small percentage of a company’s products in the Sortprice search results. The Enhanced program lists all of a company’s products at a flat rate, starting at $149.99/month. The flat rate increases with the number of products uploaded, as well as the addition of a logo to the product listing.

Benefits of Listing Products in Sortprice for Ecommerce Merchants

Sortprice takes pride in adding value to merchants’ ecommerce campaigns by connecting them with active shoppers and helping businesses:

  • Receive unlimited clicks with no CPC bidding with the Enhanced package
  • Increase readership and sales
  • Sell products directly through the Facebook website with the Facebook store merchant application
  • Close sales quickly with a simple check out process

Benefits of Using Sortprice for Consumers

Sortprice helps consumers save money and shop smarter by allowing them to:

  • Sort products by price, brand, color, and store
  • Use the “shop and drag” feature to easily bookmark items for later or share with friends
  • Share their purchases or wishlist with friends in their social network
  • Read and write product reviews

How to List Products in Sortprice

To list products in Sortprice, you must choose whether you would like to participate in the Basic program or the Enhanced program. For both options, you must:

  • Provide your ecommerce website URL and contact information
  • Choose categories that describe your products
  • Upload a product data feed in any format
  • Check back see if products are listed correctly

To get started, visit the Sortprice sign-up page.


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  1. Robin says

    There are NO benefits to listing on Sortprice. I gave them $1000 to list my site for a year and after 6 months I have received 136 clicks to my store for a total revenue of $54.87.

    Buyer beware.

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