Getting Listed in PriceGrabber – Benefits and a How-To

About PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber is a comparison shopping engine that was founded in 1999 by Kamran Pourzanjani and Tamim Mourad. Since its creation, PriceGrabber has continued to expand and grow, and in 2005 was purchased by Experian, one of the three leading providers of personal and business credit information. PriceGrabber has consistently been an innovator in its field and features free comparison shopping apps for the iPhone, iPad, and the Android. PriceGrabber also allows merchants without a website to list products through their Storefront program.

ChannelAdvisor data shows that as of June 2010 PriceGrabber held 10% of the comparison shopping engine market share. PriceGrabber helps shoppers to research and purchase items online in 25 different categories, including clothing, cell phones, and furniture. According to their website, PriceGrabber connects millions of products from 12,880 merchants with over 26 million unique shoppers on a monthly basis.

Listing Products in PriceGrabber

Cost of Listing Products in PriceGrabber

There are two pricing structure available to merchants on PriceGrabber:

CPC Program for Merchants – Merchants with an e-commerce website would be included in PriceGrabber’s cost per click pricing model. In this program, merchants pay an initial deposit of $50, and then pay a base CPC rate, which ranges from $0.25 to $1.05, depending on the category. Sellers also have the option to add their company logo to the listing for an extra $0.10 per click.

Storefront Program – The Storefront program allows sellers without a website to list and sell products on PriceGrabber. Merchants using this service pay no listing fee for the first 100 products listed, and a $0.25 service fee on all items afterward. Sellers also pay a base commission rate of $1.50 + 9% of the purchase price per product.

Benefits of Listing Products in PriceGrabber for E-Commerce Merchants

PriceGrabber will make a merchant’s products available to their 26 million monthly visitors, and can help businesses:

  • Connect with PriceGrabber’s 26 million monthly visitors
  • Increase sales and website traffic
  • By ranking products by popularity to rewarded quality listings
  • Develop credibility across multiple channels through the use of third party ratings and reviews

Benefits of Using PriceGrabber for Consumers

PriceGrabber has a number of unique features that improve the consumer’s online shopping experience, including the ability to:

  • Sort products by popularity, price, rating, manufacturer, or store
  • Read and write seller and product ratings and reviews and join online discussions
  • Set price alerts and compare bottom line prices
  • ShopGreen to find environmentally friendly products
  • Use free price-scanning apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android that allow shoppers to scan bar codes while shopping and instantly compare prices and read reviews

How to List Products in PriceGrabber

To start listing products in PriceGrabber, merchants must:

  • Create an account and pay a $50 deposit
  • Create a data feed with required fields
  • Format the data feed to PriceGrabber’s specifications
  • Submit the data feed to PriceGrabber
  • Watch for products to appear in listings within 3-5 days

To get started, visit PriceGrabber’s merchant login page.


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