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Become, Inc. was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs Yeogirl Yun and Michael Yang. In 2009, the company went international when they acquired Pangora, a German e-commerce technology firm that is now the base for their European operations. has shopping engines in Japan, Germany, the UK, Italy, and France, and currently features 5,000 merchants selling over 25 million products worldwide. According to Channel Advisor, as of June 2010 held 3.1% of the comparison shopping engine market share.
Become, Inc. was originally developed in order to provide shoppers with a comprehensive online buying site, complete with research information, ratings and reviews, forums, and other relevant information. They now have 25 categories and can even help shoppers research and choose an online education program. Become, Inc. prides itself on helping consumers make informed decisions and find the best product at the best price.

Listing Products in

Cost of Listing Products in operates on a cost per click (CPC) system. There is no set up fee, but merchants must fund their account with at least $25.00 when creating an account. sets the minimum CPC bid price for each category, which ranges from $.15 to $1.00. Merchants can chose to bid above this amount in order to improve their visibility and placement within the product results.

Benefits of Listing Products in for E-Commerce Merchants prides itself on helping businesses:

  • Increase readership and sales
  • Track success with free ROI reports
  • Run reports, manage bids, and change billing preferences with an easy-to-use merchant dashboard

Benefits of Using for Consumers

There are a number of features that make stand out amongst other comparison shopping engines, including:

  • Bottom line pricing (includes tax and shipping)
  • “Nearby stores” feature to find the item you are looking for at a local store
  • Ability to sort by style, brand, color, material, price, store, and user rating
  • Extensive research information including product reviews, buying guides, discussion forums, and product details
  • Free iPad app that allows price comparison shopping on the go

How to List Products in

To list products in

  • Create a merchant account and fund account with a minimum of $25.00
  • Create data feed and format to Become’s specifications (found at
  • Upload the feed via merchant dashboard
  • Check back within a few days to ensure products are properly listed


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