Amazon Product Ads – Are They Right For Me?

Ads Drive Traffic to Website From Millions of Customers

Amazon boasts tremendous value to merchants with over 44 million shoppers visiting every month.  How can you as a merchant take advantage of some of that traffic without an Amazon store?


Amazon Product Ads was launched in 2008. It is an advertising program that connects consumers with third party E-Commerce websites that may not be listed in the regular Amazon Marketplace. Like a typical comparison shopping engine, merchants upload their data feed and set cost-per-click bids. The products are then displayed on, where shoppers can click through to the merchant’s website to continue shopping.

Amazon Product Ads is increasing in popularity, and provides tremendous value to merchants with over 44 million shoppers visiting every month. Merchants can advertise their products in many of the Amazon categories, including Electronics, Toys, Home and Garden, Grocery & Gourmet Food and more.

Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads drives traffic to your website from tens of millions of engaged and active customers. Ads are targeted to customers who search for your products or similar products. Customers can learn about your products on driving more qualified shoppers to your website.

Listing Products on Amazon Product Ads

Cost of Listing Products on Amazon Product Ads

There is no monthly fee or minimum spend amount to list products on Amazon Product Ads, which operates on a cost-per-click pricing model. The minimum bid amount ranges from $.15 to $1.25 depending on category, and merchants are only charged when the shopper actually clicks through to the business website.

Benefits of Listing Products on Amazon Product Ads for E-Commerce Merchants

With millions of viewers visiting every day, Amazon Product Ads can:

  • Drive traffic to your business website and increase sales
  • Connect your business with millions of shoppers
  • Increase visibility with highly targeted placements
  • Benefits of Using Amazon Product Ads for Consumers

Amazon Product Ads enhances the shopping experience by:

  • Allowing shoppers to buy directly from the merchant’s website
  • Exposing them to additional products that are not listed in the Marketplace

How to List Products in Amazon Product Ads

To list products with Amazon Product Ads merchants should:

  • Create an account
  • Enter credit card information and set a daily and monthly budget
  • Create a data feed to Amazon specifications
  • Upload the data feed in Seller Central (Amazon’s account management system)
  • Check back to make sure that products are listed correctly

For more information about how to start your Amazon Product Ads account, contact us.


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