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Google Engage for Agencies, Guy Kawasaki, and My Trip to Google

Exclusive Event for Agencies

A few weeks ago we received a mysterious package in the mail … from Google. It contained a book and in invitation. The book was Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki, and the invitation was to join Google Engage for Agencies and attend an exclusive event including a live-recorded Google Hangout with Guy!

I was fortunate today to be able to attend the Workshop kicking off Google Engage for Agencies (2013) at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. I estimate there were about 350 people there, so it was a small, intimate group. What a great experience!

The first speaker was G.A. Bartick, author of Silver Bullet Selling and President of Outsell Marketing. He gave a very compelling presentation that focused on communication and engaging with your prospects, clients, and everyone around you.

Enchantment, Signed By Guy Kawasaki
Melissa, Resisting You Is Futile! ~ Guy Kawasaki

The real treat of the day was listening to Guy Kawasaki talk about Enchantment – The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. A dynamic speaker with a great sense of humor, Guy took us through 10 key points about how to achieve a greater level of communication and relationship with people. He also signed our books :) We are all, apparently irresistible!

Here are three of my favorite concepts from the day:

  • Be a Baker, not an Eater: Rather than eating as much of the pie as you can, so that your share is greater than everyone else, be the one to make the pies – then everyone can have some, and you’re making the world a better place. This concept can be applied to all aspects of our lives – the idea is to give, rather than to take – by improving the world for everyone else, you’re improving it for yourself.
  • Find a Way to Agree: When you are communicating with another person, but you can’t find any common ground, nobody wins. Even if you find common ground in something as trivial as a dislike of Opera, or a love of funny cat pictures, you have the opportunity create a bond that will allow you to accomplish great things together that you may not have had otherwise.
  • Plant Many Seeds: Traditional marketing often consisted of finding a popular figure or personality to endorse your product in order to gain visibility. In this day of social media, many consumers are turning to each other for information and recommendations from a trusted source – and thanks to the ease availability of  publishing online through blogs and social websites, anyone may be the evangelist that propels your business forward. So plant many seeds, you never know which one will sprout!

I feel energized and excited by what I saw and heard today – and can’t wait to carry it forward into my communications with clients, friends, and everyone!


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